FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to fender rolling there are many questions. What I will do here is try to answer any and all questions that might arise when you’re looking to get your fenders rolled. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email me at FenderRollerGuy@Gmail.com or shoot me a text at 210-802-5886.

How much do you charge?
Fender Roll (1 fender) – $30.00
Fender Roll (2 fenders) – $50.00
Fender Roll (4 fenders) – $90.00
Fender Pull (at time of roll) – $10.00/fender
Fender Pull (at a later time) – $15.00/fender
Bumper Tab Relocation – $20.00/corner
Coilover Adjustment (at time of roll) – $10.00/corner – $15.00/corner
Coilover Adjustment (at a later time) – $15.00/corner – $20.00/corner
VagCom Services – $60/hr billed in 15 minute increments. Or $15 for you to use the VagCom on your own car at our location.

If you are doing a fender pull, you must pay for a fender roll first. Even if you’ve had them rolled by someone else, I charge the fender roll price first to make sure the end result is up to par for the Fender Roller Guy.

What is fender pulling?
Fender pulling goes by many terms, flaring, pulling, stretching, etc. Basically fender pulling is taking a fender roll then continuing with the pressure on the fender puller tool to flare the quarter panel to get even more clearance for the wheel/tire combo. There are some cars that this process is relatively easy and the results are, more often than not, perfect. However, the vast majority of cars do not come out very good. The pressure required for the fender pull causes the quarter panels to dent and the body lines to be messed up. Fender pulling goes on a case by case basis, comes with no guarantee, and is usually very seriously discouraged. It’s much better and easier to make your wheel/tire combo fit your car than to make your car fit your wheel/tire combo.

Does the paint crack or damage caused to the car for a fender roll?
Typically, no. There are cases when the car has body work, bondo, rust, bad quality paint, or other modifications that sometimes result in paint cracking or undesirable results for a fender roll. When you get your fenders rolled, you want to have your car leaving in the same condition that it came in. When done correctly, that’s exactly what you can expect. The exterior of the car will have hardly any visible evidence of fender rolling.

That being said, we are bending metal on your car. There is no car that left the factory with the intent to roll the fenders. We have rolled literally thousands of cars and even still there are some cars that have minor denting, waviness, or paint issues from the factory that will cause issues. We will keep you informed through the process but it is vital to understand that this is an aftermarket modification to the car and there is always risk with doing it.

Do I have to make an appointment or do I just show up?
I go by appointments for all of my fender rolling. Typically my schedule is Monday through Friday from 5:00-7:30 and Saturday/Sunday from 9:00-2:00.

Are you mobile or do you have a garage that customers come to?
I very rarely travel. When I do travel, I charge $2 per mile. So, if you’re 50 miles from me then it would be an extra $100 on top of whatever services I do on your vehicle. If I arrive and for whatever reason, I cannot do the work, then you are still responsible for the trip charge.

Do you also do suspension installs?
At this time, I do not do installs. I do refer my work out to the Suspension Install Guy, though. He’s located very close to me and I am confident in his work.

Do you have pictures of your work?
Yes, you can find many pictures of my work on my Facebook page gallery.